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Books on STEM: When Moon Became the Moon,  STEM Starters for Kids Astronomy Activity Book: Activities about Space, Planets, and Stars, & How to Explain Coding to a Grown-Up, Kaboom A Volcano Erupts

When Moon became Moon 1
When Moon became The Moon, by Rob Hodgson, Illustrated by Rob Hodgson
Science and storytelling intwined together, in the book, ‘When Moon Became the Moon’, by Rob Hodgson in which the enchanting lady, the Moon narrates the tale of her creation.

Uniquely crafted into 10 mini chapters, this long form picture book is all set to captivate young readers while elucidating the facts about the creation of moon.

Quirky spot-on illustrations invite the readers to delve into each chapter and learn about the various facts about the Moon.  Travel along with the moon, as she takes the readers into the history of how she was first created and later cooled down to become the moon she is today.

Get to know the fascinating facts by the moon herself. How the craters changed her shape, or the waxing and waning phases makes her look different every day. The book also inspires the readers to learn about the moon rovers and space exploration.

Perfectly created for the young readers and the thriving astronomers, the book, When Moon Became the Moon, succeeds in capturing the interest towards the Moon.

In essence, the book When Moon Became the Moon, walks the readers through a series of cosmic events, like the giant impact with Earth thereby explaining in easy to understand words creation of the celestial body that we now call the moon.

STEM activity book astronomy
 STEM Starters for Kids Astronomy Activity Book: Activities about Space, Planets, and Stars
By Jenny Jacoby, Vicky Barker
STEM starters for kids’ astronomy activity book comes power packed with information where readers can dive into a space suit and get set on an expedition.

Travel the space to explore the Big Bang, the planets, the nebulae, and even the international space station. Immerse your reader into the world of astronomy as they uncover the facts about what it is like to be in the space,

Connect the numbers to create a star pattern in the sky, look for names of planets in a word search, spy for things commonly found in space, or even design your own spacesuit. The fun & engaging activities will occupy the young minds towards the fascinating world of space exploration.

What are planets, what is a star, what is a black hole, readers will find answers to these and many more questions as they browse through each page of the book, STEM Starters for Kids Astronomy Activity Book: Activities about Space, Planets, and Stars.

The book also digs into possibilities for the prospects of humans to live on other planets, the book STEM starters.

How to coding
How to Explain Coding to a Grown-Up
By Ruth Spiro, Illustrated by Teresa Martinez
How to Explain Coding to a Grown-Up, a remarkably ingenious book that delves into the world of coding, while empowering insightful readers with an opportunity to master complex concepts of computer science.

 Kudos to the author and illustrator for putting up a step-by-step concept of coding in easy-to-understand words in the book, How to Explain Coding to a Grown-Up.

Looking around for computers in daily use gadgets, a girl child swaps roles and explains coding to an adult. Starting with the basics of coding including hardware, software, algorithms and debugging, together the child and the adult check off all the aspects of coding.

The author succeeds in connecting coding to concrete real life examples which are familiar to young readers. Coding is further clarified using an actual code script on a two-page layout explained with relatable example of a visit to park and deciding whether to use the swing or use the slide. The child skillfully explains to the readers how information is used to make decisions which helps the software programmer write the code.

Based on the study that children learn more when they are asked to explain and explore new ideas, the book How to Explain Coding to Grown-Up, also drills the practice of asking questions when learning new ideas.

 The occasional Pro-tip on the sidelines in the book guides the readers with supplementary skills like patience, good nutrition etc. that are required for the hard-working brain of a computer programmer.

Vetted by a software developer, the book How to Explain Coding to a Grown-Up also subtly addresses the gender gap, with an inclusive book that portrays characters of all genders.

Centrally themed on the plot that children can be just as competent and curious as adults in learning new concepts, the book, How to Explain Coding to a Grown-Up is a launchpad to STEM enthusiasts and budding computer scientists.

Backed with a glossary and a fun activity for young readers to spy for computers in the neighborhood, the book How to Explain Coding to a Grown-Up will be an asset to schools, libraries, and bookshelves.

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Kaboom A Volcano Erupts
Kaboom A Volcano Erupts by Jessica Kulekjian, Zoe Si
Listen to the story of a volcano personified and dive into the piece-by-piece information on volcanoes. Narrated by a volcano itself, the book Kaboom A Volcano erupts recounts the cyclical life of a volcano.

Starting from being a sleepy volcano entering a long dormant period to an active volcano that finally erupts.  The co-narrator, a bird, presents in depth facts and scientific terms about the volcano. The book is a perfect fit for readers of all ages trying to decipher the volcano. As volcanoes become a part of a science study unit, this book will satisfy the curiosity of all the mid elementary aged kids who are keen to learn about the volcanoes.

An informative and amusing book filled with playful instances of Onomatopoeia; alliterations give a humorous twist to the illustrations. Apart from informing its readers about the cool science facts, the book Kaboom A Volcano erupts gives away the main idea that after every destruction, new life thrives back again.

The book sheds light on the invaluable role of the Vulcanologists who keep track of volcanoes.

The book also covers the anatomy of a volcano including the phases and types, sources for further learning making it a precise choice to learn about earth science. A great classroom resource, Kaboom a Volcano Erupts is greatly recommended for curious minds.

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