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LUMINOUS Living Things That Light Up the night Spectacular, Spellbinding, Sparks curiosity!

Non-Fiction Picture Book | By: Author/ Illustrator Julia Kuo

"Luminous cover page"
LUMINOUS Living Things That Light Up the night, Spectacular, Spellbinding, Sparks curiosity!
Have you ever imagined the spaces unexplored, like the deep dark ocean or have you thought of what would happen if we could produce our own light? 
“LUMINOUS’ Living Things That Light Up the Night, by author illustrator Julia Kuo is a mesmerizing book that will transport its readers into a world where living things create their own light. 

With spellbinding illustrations, author/illustrator Julia Kuo introduces kids to the concept of bioluminescence, where a mother and child discovers this natural phenomenon. The book Luminous Living Things that light up the Night, explains how living things like fireflies, foxfire, fungi, glowworms & other deep-sea fish make their own light in darkness to collect food or protect themselves from enemies. In simple lyrical text, the author explains how the crown jellyfish flashes blue light to escape the bigger fish, or how the glowworms suspend sticky strands to catch insects.

Luminous living things that light up the night, helps children:

  • Understand the concept of bioluminescence and luminosity. Let your child explore the different creatures in the book and get to know the various ways in which the creatures use this power of bioluminescence.
  • Empower your child to better know that nature has gifted every creature with some special power. Shows them that size doesn’t matter, and that even a tiny jellyfish can protect itself from bigger fish around it due to bioluminescence. 
  • The book will encourage its readers to imagine the spaces unknown, like the deep dark ocean, and think about what would happen if we could produce our own light.
  • Gives a subtle message about light pollution and its effect on bioluminescence.

The book Luminous Living Things that Light Up the Night, will surely arouse curiosity in young minds about our astonishing world. Read along and ask questions while giving information about novel creatures and concepts explained in this book. With bite sized information, it is suitable for kids all ages. With its unique dark background, and bright, colorful illustrations, Julia Kuo helps readers understand luminosity. I will recommend Luminous Living things that Light up the Night, to young and old readers, as this spectacular, spellbinding book will spark curiosity in every mind.


Julia Kuo, @juliaskuo is a Taiwanese American author/artist whose illustrations express her love for outdoors and features her family’s heritage and immigrant communities. She creates scenes drawn from her own life experiences while kayaking with her Asian-American friends, or the boat ride under the sparkling cave ceiling with her parents or seeing foxfire on native island of Taiwan. This gorgeous multi-starred review nonfiction picture book has been named a Best Book of the Year from the Smithsonian magazine, Booklist and more. Visit

Reviewed by Prachi Kondaskar As an educator, I know the importance of books and book reviews. Every book has something special that can be shared with the young minds. I am privileged to review books of authors representing different cultures and communities. I will be sharing some of the books I read through my blog, Facebook, and Twitter @wordjellyreview, Instagram #wordjellyreview

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