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Non-fiction picture books inspired by journeys of things that fill our daily lives: I Ship, Thank a Farmer, Winn & Doug The WaterDrops

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I Ship: A Container Ship’s Colossal Journey, by Kelly Rice Schmitt, Illustrated by Jam Dong
Welcome aboard on a riveting journey in this beautifully illustrated informative book, I Ship. This book explains its readers, how a ginormous ship transports cargo loaded in containers all over the world.

Readers will learn what it means by shipping goods, as they turn every page in this book. Written in easy-to-understand words for young readers, the book, I Ship includes all the precise details. From packing & loading the goods at the busy port to checking for safety and getting ready for departure, the illustrations are crisp and clear. The artwork aptly depict how an enormous ship packed with important daily use items transport goods thus helping the world stay connected and equipped with resources.  The readers will discern how something as small as a pencil case or a pair of shorts, or a bottle of medicine reached their table and the massive journey that those items undertook to reach the stores.

Readers can experience traversing through this wondrous gigantic ship, as it scans its way through the serene skies, the deep blue ocean and at other times through turbulent stormy nights. When adverse timings strike, the ship needs to take a call. In a larger sense the book, I Ship, delivers a powerful message that no matter rain or shine, the ship will continue doing its job to keep the world going.

The book I Ship is loaded with fun facts about, why do countries trade? , and the benefits and challenges of container shipping. The detailed glossary includes all the unfamiliar words and industry jargon. The book also includes a fun I spy activity for the readers. A must addition to your library, the book I Ship will genuinely amaze its readers.

Thank a Farmer
Thank A Farmer, Maria Gianferrari,  Illustrated by  Monika Mikai
If you like the food on your table, THANK A FARMER,  If you like the bread for breakfast, THANK A FARMER
Praise the hearty meal you enjoy every day, for the peanuts in the PBJ sandwich, for the mushrooms that top your pizza, for the fruits, vegetables, & grains. The book, Thank A Farmer with its awe-inspiring spectacular illustrations explains the herculean efforts that a farmer puts up so that you can bring food to your table.

With spellbinding illustrations, the book Thank a Farmer depicts the epic journey passing across the farmlands and coasts, through the orchards and estates celebrating the food and the people who toiled hard to feed us.

This phenomenal picture book commends not just the farmer, but rather a team of farmers and their helpers like the planters, pickers, helpers in plowing, harvesting etc. Every day a farmer wakes up early, labors in the field, cultivates the land, tends the livestock, and struggles through the unpredictable weather, all to ensure that the crops grow well.

The author and the illustrator have very skillfully accommodated the farm to table concept on its book pages. Readers will relate with the book as they picture the food delivered to grocery stores, to shops, to school cafeterias etc. Tending to the growing food wastage in today’s age, this amazing book will sow the seeds of gratitude in the young minds as they understand the value of growing food along with its nutrition. The book also comes with a small survey of farming methods at the back, that emphasizes the sustainable farming methods to help build a healthier planet.

Winn Doug 1
Winn & Doug the Waterdrops: A Water Cycle and Wastewater Story Tim Olson, Rick Lohoman
Embark on this incredible journey of Winn & Doug, the waterdrops as they travel through the water cycle and the wastewater treatment, in the book Winn & Doug, The Water Drops, A Water cycle & Wastewater Story.

 Tim, the water resource engineer, narrates how Winn the raindrop condenses to form a cloud to become a raindrop & flows in the runoff and other waterbodies to eventually become a raincloud again. On the other hand, Winn’s friend Doug enters the home as a water drop by means of pipes and service lines.

 The fun illustrations highlight the myriad ways how Doug the water drop becomes polluted and travels through the wastewater treatment facility and disinfects completely. It is noteworthy how the step-by-step depictions guide the young readers about all the various steps in the wastewater treatment process. The glossary comes with key facts and explanations of all the processes. The author’s note emphasizes the role of water resource engineer and wastewater operator who ensure communities get clean drinking water every day. The book along with explaining the science behind water cycle and wastewater treatment, further describes the role of a water resource engineer as well.

Part of a STEAM career themed book series , the book Winn & Doug the Waterdrops: A Water Cycle & Waste Water Story will encourage critical and creative thinking in the readers.

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