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Ganesha Goes Green

1. Ganesha
Ganesha Goes Green, by Lakshmi Thamizhmani, Illustrated by Debasmita Dasgupta
In the book Ganesha Goes Green, an optimistic girl Prema takes action towards toxic water pollution, as she commits to creating clay statues and mobilizes her friends and in turn, her community to use eco-friendly idols for celebration.

It is Ganesh Chaturthi in India, the birthday of the elephant-headed God Ganesha, and celebrations go on for as long as 10 days. There is enthusiasm seen in people who go for shopping decorations, offer sweets and prayers, and seek blessings from lord Ganesha. On the 11th day , the idols of Ganesha are immersed in the water marking the end of the Ganesh festival.

Prema is excited to celebrate the festival, but her mind is still afresh with memories of the plaster statues accumalated in the river after the immersion and the toxic water pollution that had made her mother sick.

Prema realizes that she can use river clay to make the Ganesha statue and after several attempts, she perfects the art of creating the statue of Ganesha. Prema gathers support from her friends as she convinces them, the benefits of using the biodegradable statues of Ganesha. Soon, Prema builds camaraderie and together the friends find eco-friendly natural materials to create the Ganesha statues.

The book Ganesha Goes Green, introduces the idea of celebrating the Ganesh festival in an environmental and sustainable manner. As Prema engages with her friends, young readers will understand the importance of inspiring others for a positive change.

Taking direct action, staying committed to the cause despite failures, and building a network, exemplify Prema’s passionate activism towards sustainability. The book promotes eco-consciousness among its readers and subtly introduces the cultural traditions of the Ganesh festival in India.
The book Ganesha Goes Green, with the vivid illustrations of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations along with the inclusiveness of its diverse characters becomes a perfect read for all ages. The back matter includes details about Ganesh Chaturthi and making earth-friendly statues. There are fun DIY projects of making homemade sculpting dough and sculpting a statue.

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