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Books on Construction, Engineering & how things work.

Goodnight Goodnight construction site
Goodnight Goodnight, Construction Site
By Sherry Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld.
Published in 2011, Goodnight Goodnight, Construction Site, is a book that follows construction vehicles as they wind down their day and get ready to sleep after a long working day.

The crane, cement mixer, dump trucks, engines have all put in their hard work to build and play their part on the construction site. Young readers will be fascinated to see the engaging illustrations that help explain the unique roles that each machine plays on the construction site. Readers will understand how the construction work takes place on the site in child friendly words. The book also highlights the importance of collaboration and teamwork that makes all the great work possible.

The precise illustrations go through the bedtime routines and help emphasize the importance of rest after a tiring day at work. The dark undertones depict dusk and nightfall thus preparing little minds for bedtime.

A perfect goodnight story book for those sleepy eyes, Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site will calm its readers to get ready for bed.

Finn fun trucks
Construction, Engineering and how things work around us.
Finn’s Fun Trucks, Paving Partners, by Finn Coyle, Illustrated by Srimalie Bassani
Perfect read for truck lovers and enthusiasts, Finn’s Fun trucks, Paving Partners, introduce our readers to mighty paving machines.

Paving partners like the wheel-loader, grader or the asphalt paver together work in unison to build the roads that we walk and drive on.  The spot-on illustrations clearly describe how the paving machines look like along with the names of the parts. Each paving partner has a role to play, and the book precisely details it out. Young readers will learn the significance of collaborative work, as they turn each page of this book. This book comes in paper back and board book versions.

Winn Doug
Winn and Doug the Waterdrops: A Water Cycle and Wastewater Story Tim Olson, Rick Lohoman
Embark on this incredible journey of Winn & Doug, the waterdrops as they travel through the water cycle and the wastewater treatment, in the book Winn & Doug, The Water Drops, A Water cycle & Wastewater Story.

 Tim, the water resource engineer, narrates how Winn the raindrop condenses to form a cloud to become a raindrop & flows in the runoff and other waterbodies to eventually become a raincloud again. On the other hand, Winn’s friend Doug enters the home as a water drop by means of pipes and service lines. The fun illustrations highlight the myriad ways how Doug the water drop becomes polluted and travels through the wastewater treatment facility and disinfects completely. It is noteworthy how the step-by-step depictions guide the young readers about all the various steps in the wastewater treatment process. The glossary comes with key facts and explanations of all the processes. The author’s note emphasizes the role of water resource engineer and wastewater operator who ensure communities get clean drinking water every day. The book along with explaining the science behind water cycle and wastewater treatment, further describes the role of a water resource engineer as well.

IMG 3423
Engineering In Plain Sight: An Illustrated Field Guide to the Constructed Environment, by Grady Hillhouse
Engineering In Plain Sight: An Illustrated Field Guide to the Constructed Environment introduces the fascinating world of engineering that combines captivating illustrations.

Whether you are an engineer or someone with a keen interest in the field, this book has something for everyone. The brilliant & lucid illustrations present fun facts about engineering principles and its mechanisms to everyday life. The illustrations coupled with the text, will help understand the concept and explain the processes of various engineering disciplines.

The book is very multifaceted as it covers the various engineering disciplines like mechanical, civil, electrical and includes technical concepts behind the conception of bridges, dams, skyscrapers etc. The author skillfully breaks down complicated concepts of engineering into easy-to-understand words and illustrations. This book will generate curiosity and arouse interest in readers thus motivating aspiring engineers. Precisely, unlike other engineering books with too many industry jargons, the book Engineering in Plain Sight, is an introductory guide that is not overbearing and gives an informative insight into the world of engineering.

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