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By Author Christina Soontornvat    Illustrated by Dow Phumiruk

(A LIFE OF SERVICE- THE STORY OF SENATOR TAMMY DUCKWORTH An awe-inspiring accolade of a woman extraordinaire!)
A  Life of Service- The Story of Senator Tammy Duckworth
A Life of Service: The story of Senator Tammy Duckworth

Senator Tammy Duckworth from the book A Life Of Service- The Story Of Senator Tammy Duckworth, is chronicled with the long list of “firsts” in her tenancy. It includes the first Thai American woman elected to congress and the first woman with a disability to serve in the house and the senate. Also, in 2018, Senator Duckworth pushed the US Senate to alter the rules to bring her 10 day old baby to the floor, so she could cats her vote.

Duckworth, an American citizen, born in Bangkok, Thailand, discerned that someday she will serve her country. Young Tammy traveled all over Southeast Asia with her father who worked for the United Nations. As she observed the plight of refugees at the camps, it kindled the spirit of service in her, and the determination to serve America by helping those in need.

But her road to service was barricaded by spells of homelessness and food deprivation, which forced Tammy to support her family’s livelihood by selling flowers at the street. However, she was not encumbered by the pressure, rather with continuous discipline and hard work, she went on to become the first lieutenant and Commander of Illinois Army national guard.

Award winning author Christina Soontornvat and illustrator Dow Phumiruk of the book A Life Of Service- The Story Of Tammy Duckworth, give a heroic account of Tammy’s near-death survival from the Iraq war. On November 12, in 2004 as Tammy and her crew were flying, under the enemy threat a rocket propelled grenade banged into their helicopter, injuring Tammy almost to a near death scenario. Tammy encountered excruciating pain, followed by the amputation of her limbs. As the book says, “Falling again and again, get back up. Keep fighting”, Tammy is an epitome of breaking barriers and defying expectations.

Life offered a different trajectory, when Tammy announced that she would run for the US House of Representative. She was experiencing intense pain, however, undeterred, Tammy with her continued resilience went on to swore in as senator and serve the nation. Tammy lost both of her legs and was given a second chance at life. She earnestly believes that every American deserves another chance and she still continues her ongoing legacy of service.

The book also comes with a timeline of major events and the bequest of service that Tammy Duckworth has contributed to the United States and the world.

  • Empower your children, as you read this absolutely astounding book, by instilling the values of service to humanity.
  • Bring to the notice the awe inspiring, determination and an unyielding courage with which Tammy kept on going to become a senator despite of her disability.
  • This enlightening account of a military veteran and political star will motivate readers to dream and believe in themselves.
    • The book is also an inspiration to the immigrant children, to be tenacious and resolute towards their goal.
    • This book will motivate children aspiring to work in public service, medicine, and biomedical engineering.


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    Author Christina Soontornvat is the acclaimed author of picture books, chapter books, non-fiction, and middle grade fiction, including the 2021 Newbery Honor, in addition to Robert F Silber honor. She lives in Austin, TX.

    Illustrator Dow Phumiruk is an award winning illustrator of several picture books, including Counting on Katherine by Helaine Becker. She is originally from Thailand, and she lives in Colorado.

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