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How to Send a HUG- Exploring magic in writing letters, Children’s book review connecting with loved ones through writing letters

Fiction Picture Book | By- Author Hayley Rocco – Illustrator John Rocco

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‘How to send a book’ by author Hayley Rocco and illustrator John Rocco is about exploring magic in writing letters. In the book ‘How to Send a Hug’, Artie is longing to send a hug to her grandma, who lives far away from her. She talks on the phone, sees her grandma on the computer, but that does not satisfy her. So, how will Artie send a hug to her grandma? Author Hayley Rocco through her book, How to Send a Hug, helps the young readers explore the magic of writing and receiving letters.

‘How to Send a Hug’ author, Hayley Rocco has clearly elaborated the entire process of sending mails, like the USPS. Labelling mails as hugs, envelopes as special jackets, and mailman as a hug delivery specialist, author very creatively gives a humorous twist to these terms. Caldecott honoree illustrator John Rocco expertly resembles the USPS sorting delivery centers, and pictures various modes of deliveries. The book gives a succinct account of the incredible journey, that a letter undertakes to reach to the loved one.

It is surprising to notice that as most people prefer to communicate electronically, and as US mail systems are plummeting, there are still some people sending letters through mail systems. Why? Partly because mail systems are a nostalgia, and an integral part of U.S. history. However, more importantly, it is the magic that one experiences after receiving an unexpected letter, and the suspense of opening it. Sometimes, the unspoken feelings could be better conveyed through a letter.

· The youngest readers will learn the piece-by-piece information on writing a letter, followed by its far-fetched journey to reach the loved one.

· Artie demonstrates how to articulate her thoughts, words, drawings, and personalize the messages using her favorite marker, colors, & pictures.

· The book explains children that letters can be keepsakes, to bring back the memories to times shared together, especially with memory care seniors. Describe how letters can still be the only modes of communication with the loved ones in places lacking internet, or for soldiers during deployment. · Outstandingly, the book shows a creative way to connect to loved ones, when you can’t always do so in person.

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