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Shoshi’s Shabbat: A warm hearted, endearing tale. Multicultural Jewish Children’ book review

Fiction Picture Book | By- Caryn Yacowitz Illustrated by – Kevin Hawk

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The heartwarming book ‘Shoshi’s Shabbat’, by author Caryn Yacowitz, illustrated by Kevin Hawkes, exemplifies the fact that a human being, an intelligent species can learn a virtuous life lesson from an animal.

A beautiful hardworking ox named ‘Shoshi’, teaches a farmer to enjoy a day of rest, a Jewish tradition called ‘Shabbat’ after 6 days of hard work.

Shoshi the ox enjoys the Shabbat, the seventh day of rest, where he plays around, eats food together and with renewed energy, he gets ready to work for the next 6 days.

The animated depiction of Shoshi denying his masters command to work and other humorous portrayals are brilliantly created by illustrator Kevin Hawk.

Author Caryn Yacowitz narrates in her book , ‘Shoshi’s Shabbat’, to mindfully listen and look around to enjoy simple experiences gifted to us by nature, like the gentle breeze on face, or the distant hum of bees.

Through her book, she teaches us to meet and know other cultures, express gratitude for what we have, respect animals, and pay close attention to the nature around us. Inspired from an old Jewish tale known as midrash, most importantly, the book teaches us through Shoshi to rest and rejuvenate occasionally to move on ahead in life.

Shoshi’s Shabbat is one of the Best Jewish Children’s Book of Fall 2022.

I strongly recommend Shoshi’s Shabbat to teach children to enjoy restful moments in nature and understand the importance of spending times with family.

Author Caryn Yacowitz is a playwright, speaker, and author of several picture books. Author Caryn Yacowitz lives in Palo Alto, California. She has published eleven children’s books, including her Native American Series, and her poetry and plays have appeared in several anthologies. Kevin Hawks is a famed illustrator of over 50 acclaimed books.

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