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DIM SUM PALACE a fantastic food journey

Dim Sum Palace by author illustrator X. Fang
"Dim Sum Palace"
DIM SUM PALACE By author illustrator X. FANG
Dim Sum Palace is a fantastical story of a girl whose obsession for dim sums and dumplings takes her on a magical adventure into a Dim Sum palace, where she ends up becoming a dumpling herself.

Liddy is going to go to Dim Sum Palace with her family the next day. Her feverish excitement almost leads her into sleeplessness. And at bedtime, she is drawn into an aromatic whiff of dumplings, leading her all the way to Dim Sum Palace and straight into the chef’s kitchen. Barely noticed by the busy chef, Liddy accidentally rolls into the filling and becomes a dumpling herself.

At the Dim Sum Palace, the empress is hungry for dumplings. Will the empress get a bite of the most remarkable dumpling of all, the ‘Liddy dumpling’? Or will Liddy enjoy a feast of sumptuous dumplings, she had been craving for?

In the book Dim Sum Palace, author illustrator, X. Fang has created an adorable character, Liddy who is also inquisitive about how the Dim Sum Palace would look like. This inquisition leads her into an imaginative dream, where she conceives a beautiful picture of the palace with the garden and the empress. It is noteworthy to see the imaginative ideas that can be generated in a young child’s mind. It is this imagination that gives way to creative thoughts and ideas.

The book Dim Sum Palace delves into Liddy’s world, where Liddy is the perfect epitome of a food lover.  The book Dim Sum Palace will help its readers engage in its bright precise illustrations along with the various depictions of dim sums, dumplings, bao’s, buns and more. The book represents Liddy’s love for her food and culture. It also portrays Liddy enjoying a hearty meal with her family.

The book Dim Sum Palace is about loving your food, family and culture. Above all it’s a great read for all the food lovers and food cravers.

Author illustrator X. Fang is a visual artist and maker of books for young children. This is her debut book. Publisher : Penguin Random House Canada.

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