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Father’s Day Books 2023: Forest Bath Right Down this Path, Mira & Baku, Only a Trenza Away, Leo on a Hike, The Words we Share

This Father’s Day explore some new books to bond through reading with your young ones. Spend some wonderfully memorable moments together , as you read along with your loved one. We hope you all enjoy these new and upcoming book releases just as we did.

Forest Bath
Forest Bath Right Down This Path, by Lisa Robinson, Illustrated by Khoa Le
Perfect for a Father’s Day gift and reading aloud! Forest Bath Down this Path follows as a young girl named Kayla urges her father to leave behind his cellphone and immerse himself in a forest bath as they admire the pristine beauty of nature.

 The book is a wonderful reminder of taking some time off from routine tasks and momentarily becoming a part of nature, spend some time with your loved ones, closely observing, wandering, and strolling around outdoors.

Kayla’s father did not see a definite purpose behind the stroll, and was initially more interested in his cellphone, but as the story progresses, he begins to appreciate nature’s beauty alongside his daughter.

A somewhat reluctant father joins her daughter and later enjoys the serenity and awe of the forest as together they explore the sights, sounds and smells of the forest.

The author very creatively uses figurative language to describe the enchanting world of the forest. The book has a great flow and will keep the readers engaged through the end.

Mira and Baku
Mira and Baku, by Sara Truuvert, Illustrated by Michelle Theodore
Set during the second world war, a Japanese girl Mira with her imaginary friend Baku, sets on a journey to find her missing father, whom she yearns to meet on her birthday.

Mira is anxious, it’s a week until her birthday and her papa is not here yet. To cope up with the separation and apprehension about her father’s whereabouts, Mira talks with an imaginary friend, a Japanese folklore character ‘Baku’.

Mira travels with Baku through mountains and oceans, cedars and stores hopeful about finding her father. Readers can relate to Mira, as she continues her search for her father collecting pieces of evidence reminiscing over the moments and memories they shared together.

The story draws attention to the less known facts of Japanese internment camps during second world war and the separation of loved ones in those times. Readers observe how young children cope with separation and the different ways in which they find comfort. With charming illustrations, the book Mira and Baku, will inform its readers with historical account at the same time enrich young minds with imagination and hope.

Only A trenza Away
Only a Trenza Away- A Tale of Trust and Strength, by Nadine Fonseca, Illustrated by Camila Carrossine
Only a Trenza Away, is a tender story where a daughter deeply connects with her father, as he lovingly braids her hair every night.

An adorable book with mesmerizing illustrations, where a young girl Xio learns different virtues like patience, bravery, trust, strength from her father as he carefully braids her tresses every night. As her father braids Xio’s hair, she feels safe and secured protected by her father near her, brave and strong to face the world.

It’s about how a small nighttime routine can turn into a meaningful bonding time where a father and daughter go on a journey together. A journey that is colorful, enchanting, and at times unfamiliar. This is when the father bolsters Xio, to be ready to face the world even if he would not be there with her. Clearly, this nighttime routine helps Xio navigate through the unforeseen times, instill love and confidence and thus shape her personality.

This unique story is a family staple, we loved it and we believe your family will love it too.

Leo on a Hike
Leo on a Hike, by Anna McQuinn, Illustrated by Ruth Hearson
Leo on a Hike is a part of Leo’s board book series, where Leo explores his world with his Daddy, Mommy, and sister too.

This time Leo goes on a hike with his daddy, straight into the wildlife and on a trail. Together with his father, Leo packs up his binoculars, magnifying glasses and his explorer boots and gets set for the adventure.

 On his way he investigates little, tiny bugs, examines the forest greens, and animals squishing his way through the mud. As Leo and his father scavenge through the wildlife, they collect treasures from the woods, and head home as happy souls. Toddlers will like the illustrations and love the text, as they relate with Leo and his father in this charming board book.

The words we share
The Words We Share, by Jack Wong
A daughter becomes her father’s voice as they traverse through a foreign land as immigrants.

Angie, wants to help her dad, especially speaking on behalf on him translating from Chinese to English. Angie’s dad is a hard-working immigrant from China to Canada, and he struggles to communicate in English.

 Thankfully, Angie picks up the language gradually as she goes to school. Angie helps translate for her dad at the grocery, restaurants or even writing signages in English. Very soon Angie realizes that she could use this English translation skill to help their immigrant friends and their families. Before long Angie starts writing signs in English at restaurants, stores and help immigrant businesses communicate to their customers.

Until, one day a small error lands her up in trouble. Will Angie be able to fix this problem by herself? To find out grab a copy of Words We Share, by Jack Wong, as the book elucidates the father daughter relationship and harnesses the strength of community and unison.

We thank Edelweiss & NetGalley for Digital Review copies of the books , in exchange of our honest review.

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