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Granny’s Kitchen- Jamaican story of food and persistence, diverse book review inspiring future chefs multicultural

Fiction Picture Book | By Author Sadé Smith – Illustrated by Ken Daley

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Granny’s kitchen is a Jamaican story of self-reliance & persistence.

Shelly-Ann lives on the beautiful island of Jamaica with her most beloved person, her granny. Shelly-Ann is determined to cook a sumptuous meal like her granny. However, her dumplings are burnt, saltfish is salty and plantains are mushy. As Shelly-Ann continues making mistakes, her self-confidence dwindles. After consecutive failed attempts to cook, will Shelly-Ann continue to cook the meal?

Author Sadé Smith through her book Granny’s Kitchen,

  • Teaches persistence when she says, “If you try and don’t succeed, try, try, and try again.”

Sadé Smith has created a compelling character of a granny, who has invincible confidence in her granddaughter. It is this love and reassurance that helps Shelly-Ann find her determination.

Illustrator Ken Daley has soaked up the book with vivid colors of the Jamaican land. From the beaches in proximity to the tropical home, with mangoes, coconuts, & banana plantations around, the artwork will create a spot-on picture of Jamaica in front of your eyes.

Through her debut book Granny’s Kitchen, author Sadé Smith teaches,

  • Self-reliance, when Shelly-Ann learns to cook her own meals, with her granny’s guidance at home.
  • Healthy ways of living when you cook and eat meals prepared at home. Additionally, call attention to saving money with home cooked meals as against eating out.
  • The book emphasizes self-reliance by growing vegetables and fruits in the yard.

Unlike the typical kids in today’s digital world, it is noteworthy to see Shelly-Ann savoring the mangoes under the mango tree, playing hopscotch on the sidewalk, or skipping on the jump rope, and chasing the chickens. In fact, all these activities make her hungry for her granny’s scrumptious food.

Most importantly, the book highlights cooking as a fun activity, to create a bond of love with the family, and inspire future chefs everywhere.

The book also comes along with some fun facts about Jamaica, and granny’s recipes for Jamaican food.

I loved the book, and I will recommend adding this wonderful book, in your picture book collection.

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