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Mother’s Day Books 2023

Celebrating Mother’s Day is a perfect time for read aloud and reading books together. Some of the new releases captures the power and strength of mother’s love. We hope you all enjoy these books just as we did too.

The shape of you 1
The Shape of You, by Muon Thi Van, Illustrated by Miki Sato
The Shape of You is an inventive book that will drive its readers to think deeply about the shapes that are visible in the world around us, and the shapes that are abstract defined through critical thinking.

A Mother and her daughter discover figurative shapes, as they go on an imaginative exploration. First, they begin by looking at the shape of earth a sphere, then they progressively move towards defining other shapes that are commonly seen around us. Gradually, the girl acquires the ability to define the shapes of intangible and immaterial concepts like shape of thinking or shape of learning. The concept of growth and development and the shape associated with it is very beautifully illustrated in the book.  The three-dimensional picture cut collage like illustrations are fascinating.  This is a wonderful read aloud for promoting curiosity and observation.

IMG 3023
We Waited for You , Now We’re A Family by Cindy Chupack, illustrated by Emily Hamilton
A perfect read-along book for all the children born with assisted reproductive technology and for mothers and parents who have waited for a long time to give birth to a child.

The book, We Waited For you celebrates the birth of a baby, and describes how the parents yearned for their baby’s arrival. It illustrates the desires and aspirations that the parents hold very close to their heart for their little one. The book, We Waited for You sings the praises, of the baby who arrives majestically seated on a rainbow. The lovely rhyming text, and the pleasing illustrations will ingrain the message of bonding love that the parents share with their children.

come back to me
Come Back to Me (A Bedtime story for Sleepy Eyes)
By Author r.h. Sin, Illustrated by Janie Secker
A soothing bedtime story, where a parent tucks a child into bed, while promising the child to return to them after the child awakes from sleep.  

The book comes in the form of a lullaby, though it does not exactly end with rhyming words. The gentle delightful illustrations can easily draw a child into the world of personified animals in the book. These adorable animal characters like the fox, hedgehog, sheep, mole, rabbits are getting ready for dinner as the sun goes down. The readers will be impressed by the designs and the wonderfully bright illustrations. It will surely take your little reader into the world of imagination as they prepare to go to sleep.

2 Treasure chest
A Treasure Chest of Kisses by Sky Eiko, Pham Thuy Mai Thy
The book ‘Treasure Chest of Kisses’ comes with a central idea that words of affirmation, praise, physical touch in the form of hugs and kisses help build a treasure chest which is like a children’s love bank account. The more love we add to this treasure chest, the more it grows big day by day and it makes children feel powerful. It is this strength that helps them navigate through the odds in life.

With captivating illustrations and rhyming words, the book A Treasure chest of kisses, by Sky Eiko and Pham Thuy Mai Thy talks about the deep loving bond, the hugs & kisses that forms the strong foundation of children’s lives. This treasure chest of kisses is embedded deep within the heart that loves us, protects us, and helps us grow during unforeseen times.

It is important for young children to be reminded of this love that is treasured safe in the heart even if they are away or need an embrace. The author emphasizes that our treasure chest of kisses will never be devoid of love, rather refill itself and connect with everyone around. She shares the wonderful idea of inheriting the boundless love filled in the form of a treasure chest of kisses from our grandparents and passing it on further.

This is an excellent read aloud or a reflective way to end the day as a thoughtful bedtime story. The bountiful illustrations full of wonderful colors will enthrall the readers.

3 Fudgesicle
Fudgesicle by Tinee Furbert  ,  Illustrated by Ghardai Hassell
Fudgesicle is a story of Novi and her mom, who explore a fudgsicle store and during the journey discover how different fudgesicles resemble different skin color tones.

Novi relates every unique fudgesicles to someone she loves like her friend, her daddy, or her grandma.  Just like every fudgesicle has a distinct flavor, everyone whose skin color resembles the fudgesicle has some awesome trait that makes them special.

The book fudgesicle promotes a larger message to young readers and teaches them to embrace and acknowledge the beauty and strength in our own self and promotes representation.

4 Mouseboat
MOUSEBOAT by Larissa Theule, Illustrated by Abigail Halpin
 Mouseboat by Larissa Theule is a very powerful book, that reveres the mother’s love which stands tall as a guiding force even in the darkest of times.

A young girl has lost her mother and she is seeking her mother’s voice and her presence in everything around the house. The father tries to put things up after the mother’s loss. However, the young girl is missing her mother and yearning to hear her speak.

Then, she finds the mouse boat, which she and her mother had built together. The young girl ventures into the boat in the ocean on a thunderous night, to find the colossal strength that was endowed by her mother. It is at this time when she hears her mother’s voice, which safely carries her across through the storm.

This book is a soothing & heart-rending read aloud for someone who has lost their mother and is finding strength in grief and loss. It is also for readers to find the depth of mother’s love which is forever, and which enriches our lives.

5 When mom travels for work
When Mom Travels for Work by Kristopher Goeden, Illustrated by Csilla Czegedi

When Mom Travels for work, is a charming book that shows how a mother’s love and affection is always with her children regardless of her going away for work.

In the book, we see a mom who works hard to give a good life to her children. Just like fathers do, the mom seldom must travel for her work. When she goes on her business trip, the mom knows that her children are sleeping peacefully at home. Thankfully due to technology, both mom and children can see each other even when they are far apart.  The book, When Mom Travels for Work, will help children understand why sometimes their parents and even mom must travel for work. Young readers will appreciate the importance of sticking together as a family and helping each other when their mom needs their support. There is plenty of scope for parents to springboard off the concept to children, that even though mom goes away for work, she still loves and misses her kids a lot.

We recommend the book When Mom Travels for work, as it will appeal young readers with its thoughtful message, warm tones and tender illustrations.

We thank NetGalley and Edelweiss for Digital Review copies of the books , in exchange of our honest review.

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