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My Diwali Light – A vibrant celebration of love & togetherness. Multicultural Indian festival Children’s book review

Fiction Picture Book | By Raakhee Mirchandani | Art by Supriya Kelkar

My Diwali Light,  Raakhee Mirchandani, Supriya Kelkar, Diwali Celebrations
The book ‘My Diwali Light’, will give its readers a beautiful glimpse into the Diwali celebration, while giving away the big idea, that all festivals around the world will have a unanimous goal of spreading peace, kindness, and love.

Devi is exuberant. Her favorite holiday Diwali, the Indian festival of lights is here. It’s time for the Diwali celebration, with bright diyas’, colorful rangoli, delicious food, dancing, family time together, gift exchanges, prayers, and much more.

But before the celebration begins, Devi must clean her house. Devi’s Nani (grandma) passes on the message of Diwali tradition to keep our homes and our hearts clean to bring in good health. Devi adorns herself with vibrant and colorful Indian attire and jewelry. She helps her Nani, her mom, and her dad to make delicious Diwali snacks and desserts.

Devi makes people happy when she delivers sweets to them. She rejoices when she eats samosas at her Maasi’s (aunt’s) home and dances with her mamaji (uncle.) Nani helps everyone remember to shine the light of the Diwali diya’s flame, and to be kind, helpful, and loving.

But Devi’s favorite part has not arrived yet, so what’s it going to be? To find out, grab a copy of the book My Diwali Light, by author Raakhee Mirchandani, illustrated by Supriya Kelkar.

‘My Diwali Light’ book, Author Raakhee Mirchandani introduces Nani, Devi’s endearing friend and grandmother seen quietly sneaking away with Devi to exchange gifts. Nani is a lovable character with whom we can associate our grandparents and who occasionally remind us of the deeper meanings of our traditions.

Illustrator Supriya Kelkar artistically makes a medley using pieces of fabric, ornate decorations, jewelry, & Indian delicacies to depict Diwali celebration in the book. These multimedia scrap book like picture cut outs will help even the youngest readers understand what Diwali celebration looks like.

In the book as Devi says, the more people the brighter the light, that’s our Diwali motto, the author delicately, signifies how the inner light within all of us, can illuminate even the darkest and gloomiest of days.

Most importantly, the author emphasizes through her book, ‘My Diwali Light’, that due to Diwali, the family comes together, helps prepare for the festival, connects with other family members, friends, and creates a loving bond with one another. I recommend this book to all the readers to understand what a Diwali celebration looks like and associate it to your favorite holiday season, to find that common theme that we all human beings share which is to find peace and joy with our family and friends.

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