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Once Upon a Book – A picturesque enchanting journey.

  • By Author Kate Messner , By Illustrator Grace Lin
Once Upon a Book
Once Upon A Book
‘Once Upon a Book’ by award winning author Kate Messner and Caldecott honoree illustrator Grace Lin, celebrates the captivating power of a book, that can take its readers to an enchanting journey together.

Alice is an imaginative Asian descent young girl who longs to escape the dull, dreary winter of her home. Her favorite book offers her a magical escape to wonderful places, where she swims through seas and soars through the sky. As Alice is drawn into the pages of the book, she experiences a different world every time.

 Alice ventures on her quest to find her perfect place, and enjoys her journey, from vibrant, wet rainforests to endless, arid deserts. However, each place is imperfect in its own way, and Alice escapes from heavy rain, dusty sandstorms, and thunderous skies, learning that every place has its limitations.

 As Alice learns that each place has its flaws, it leaves her wishing for and finally discovering, the best place of all.

Illustrator, Grace Lin and author, Kate Messner paint a vivid picture of each land that Alice ventures in, from the damp & picturesque rainforest to sunny arid desert, from the glimpses of the oceanic world to the sparseness of the universe.

  • ‘Once Upon a Book’, reveals the enormous influence of a book, that can enthrall its readers to experience the colors, the charm, the surprises, and the overriding emotions when reading the book.
  • Alice through her journey in ‘Once Upon a Book’, reminds readers of the joy of reading, and how powerful words and illustrations can be in the mind of a creative child. Alice thinks of reading as more than entertainment, rather escape from her real life.
  • However, the book also appreciates the warmth and coziness of the home.
  • ‘Once Upon a Book’, is a treat for the eyes, and it sure will capture your imagination and spark your creativity.

Once Upon a Book, Book Based Activities:

Read aloud activities (Pre-K-Kindergarten)- Picture Books are a great way to enjoy shared reading. As the young reader appreciates the illustrations, you can also encourage early literacy and language development,

  1. Parents can guide the children’s attention to the print of the book, by pointing to specific words in the book and explain the meaning.
  2. Point to the arrangement of the book, by directing their attention to the title of the book, author (she has written the book), illustrator(she has drawn the pictures in the book), (I will read this page first and this is the next page).
  3. Discuss the pictures on each page and encourage the readers to predict what will happen next.

 Build a DIY terrarium (For elementary ages)- A terrarium is a tightly closed glass container or plastic container filled with small plants. It’s like an aquarium, but for plants instead of fish and it looks like a miniature garden.

About the Author: Kate Messner is a New York times bestselling author of more than fifty books for young readers. Some of her award-winning titles, Over and Under the Snow, & Brilliant Deep.

About the Illustrator: Grace Lin is the recipient of Children’s literacy Legacy Award, a Caldecott Honoree and Newberry Honoree. She lives in Massachusetts. 

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