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Books on Summer Travel

Summer is here and it brings us a great opportunity to travel, explore distant lands, get to know the diverse cultures that makes us who we are. Some of the upcoming book releases on summer travel are a perfect read along to absorb the beauty of our world around us.

viv in paris
Vivienne in Paris, by Maria Castellucci Moore, Illustrated by Emanuela Mannello

Vivienne in Paris follows a young local girl on a journey to discover what makes her feel true happiness as she visits her favorite bakery, an opera, a flower shop and much more. This cute book with beautiful illustrations shows how mindfulness of the surrounding world can help harness your senses of sight, sound, smell, and taste to bring yourself great joy.

Readers will enjoy the colorful illustrations, with a soft palette of pastel colors pleasing the eye, simultaneously invoking feelings of calm and peace in the reader. The illustrator succeeded at displaying Vivienne’s various emotions as she enjoys her surroundings, and the imagery helped support her transformation as the story progressed.

The author’s rich descriptions of Vivienne’s surroundings help readers imagine that they are on a sensory journey through Paris, as they learn more about her lifestyle in a new city other than their own. Vivienne In Paris incites curiosity about the culture of other cities across the world and sparks a love for travel in children.

This book is a perfect read for summer, with its colorful, summer-themed illustrations.

famous seaweed soup
The Famous Seaweed Soup by Antoinette Truglio Martin, Illustrated by Penny Weber

In the book Famous Seaweed Soup, get ready for the sizzling summer day with Sara and her family at the beach. Beach day is fun, packing sun umbrellas, beach mats, beach toys but above all tasting Sara’s famous seaweed soup.

When on a beach day everyone has a task to accomplish. Mom must take care of sister; dad is busy setting up the beach day fun activities. And Sara, well she must prepare the best tasting seaweed soup ever. As she goes step by step to put up the great concoction, Sara seldom asks for help. However, she is turned down by mom, dad, and Hallie thus Sara ultimately makes the great creation herself.

Author Antoinette Martin with her use of precise verbiage, and description invokes the senses and transports the readers to the beach. The sight, sounds, taste depicted in the book helps imbibe the beauty of the beach in every shape and form.

The book inspires the readers to observe and look around for nature in its various forms when at the beach. The lively vivid illustrations open the scene right in front of the readers.

IMG 3348 1
How Does Chocolate Taste on Everest? By Leisa Stewart Sharpe, Illustrated by Aaron Cushley

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to go on an expedition on the hottest place on earth, the Danakil depression, Ethiopia? Would you envisage yourself in the world’s deepest place, the Mariana Trench in the Western Pacific? Well, if you want to perceive, process, & imbibe the earth’s most extreme places, just dive into the pages of the book ‘How Does Chocolate Taste on Everest’ & experience the unseen world.

An unparalleled storytelling to fully captivate readers via all the senses into a riveting journey to the most thrilling places in the world. The book ‘How Does Chocolate Taste on Everest, answers questions to how chocolate tastes on a high altitude like the Everest or take a dip into the secret world of the Amazon rainforest, the longest river, the darkest or the harshest place on the planet.

Readers will be surrounded by a multi-sensory experience, and all without leaving the couch. The book gives an exact account of how one would feel, hear, smell, taste & see the superlative experience of nature’s quest in the book.

The book guides its readers to pack precisely while on the adventure. It also describes the daredevil feats undertaken by Paralympians & some brave explorers. I bet the readers will be eager to go on this journey from start to finish.

Kayan Goes to Aruba by Rohit Loomba, Illustrated by Margherita Passerini

The book Kayan goes to Aruba, is from Kayan’s travel series. Kayan loves to travel, and he lands in Aruba where he discovers a different land with colorful homes, pristine beaches and a rich variety of animals and plants. Kayan also explores going on a walk. He takes a dip in the water to explore the wondrous sea life.

The book introduces Kayan’s love for travel which is noteworthy especially in today’s digital age. Kayan inspires its readers to look for the beauty in nature and to enjoy adventure as one travels to a distant land. The book comes with colorful illustrations, and rhyming words.

Also, readers can keep looking for upcoming travel book where Kayan ventures in yet another land.

Thank you to NetGalley for Digital review copies of the books in exchange of honest reviews by us.

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